Monday, July 7, 2008


Max Gross' pick for VP has just taken himself out of the veepstakes...

What a bummer!

I have to admit, even though Webb was my favorite (a real straight shooter, and someone who would make an absolutely brilliant attack dog!) I had my doubts. He's said some pretty dicey things over the years. And he's not the kind of guy who can control himself in an argument (and as VP his first duty is to do no harm to Obama. I wasn't sure he could.)

But who's Obama going to tap for veep now?

My two favorites are John Edwards and Joe Biden. Both are credible presidents in the case of disaster. (Biden in particular.) But VP is, in many ways, the ultimate schlub job. ("Don't make me president," Woody Allen pleaded in Bananas. "Let me be vice president. That's a real idiot's job...")

The schlub choice is, I think, former Hillary supporter Ed Rendell. (Honorable mention: Mike Bloomberg.)