Friday, July 25, 2008

Feeling the love

Frankly, I wasn't sure that Obama going to Europe was the smartest political move.

I understood the "looking presidential" argument (and, for what it was worth, it had some merit) but I thought that there was a greater danger: That he's be smeared with the same brush that smeared John Kerry: That he was the Euro candidate. That he wasn't the candidate of real, red-blooded Americans. (A meaningless argument... but what are you going to do?)

But I think something interesting happened in Berlin that might have made this argument moot: Obama was leading an American cheer. "The huge crowd," writes Steven Erlanger in today's Times, "applauded and waved American flags."

What's this?! Europe is rooting for America again?

To me, given all the anti-Americanism that's been trolling around the world over the last eight years, that's a very big development. And if he gets a city full of Germans chanting for the U.S.A., well, you don't get bigger moments than that.

Of course, not everybody thinks this. David Brooks proves, yet again, his douchebag bona fides with this moronic take down of Obamania. That's OK, David. Go ahead and vote McCain -- it won't make any difference in DC, anyway.

PS - The Post reminds me why I love working for that paper! The subhead to Charles Hurt's story reads: 200,000 rootin' Teutons in Berlin.