Friday, July 18, 2008

New Starbucks forces out mom & pop Starbucks

This is a headline I've been wanting to run for the better part of a year...

In fact, last fall, I thought we might actually get a chance to run it in the Post.

For the last few years there was what we termed "the secret Starbucks" in the lobby of the skyscraper across the street from the News Corp building. You could really only find it if you knew about it. It did pretty good business but was never mobbed like most other Starbucks -- and that was why it was popular with the local office drones.

Then a new, shiny, evil corporate Starbucks opened in the adjoining space facing the street!

"Only a matter of time until the secret Starbucks closes," I remarked.

In fact, there was an immediate rumor that the secret Starbucks was closing. I went across the street to investigate. They said they couldn't talk to me on the record, but, no, it wasn't closing. (Alas, no great Onion-like headline.)

Boy, was I a sucker for listening...

They closed, of course, a couple of weeks ago. I suppose it's part of a spate of closings that Starbucks announced.

I, for one, am hoping the shitty economy doesn't hit the 'bucks too hard. If only to spite the Naomi Kleins of the world, I love that place. (I also concede, I'm an addict.)

But at least I get to run my headline...