Friday, August 8, 2008

In defense of dinosaurs

For several years now I've studiously avoided checking out Harlem's Dinosaur Bar-B-Que.

Most people who know me might have found this a little strange. After all, I love BBQ. Moreover, I love Harlem. And I love those field trip-type excursions to restaurants that are out of the way and a pain in the ass to get to. So why had I never made it up to this highly touted spot?

Answer: My editor.

He was not a fan. (And, as a native southerner, I feel he's got BBQ credentials I will just never have.) "It's like eating at Applebee's," was his put-down.

But late one night last week, when I was reporting my Harlem story, I decided "What the hell?" and took a look.

The verdict?

That place is awesome!

I ordered the jumbo wings (which I think were grilled and not fried) extra spicy (Devils Duel is what it says on the menu) and they did not disappoint. I went through a beer and several glasses of water before my main course arrived. Very spicy. (They might also have been the best wings I've ever eaten.)

Also, they offer a quarter rack of ribs (about three) which is a really good amount of food and the ribs I ate were not too fatty but extremely tender. And the BBQ sauce was great.

Now I almost want to check out Applebee's....