Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Let the screaming begin...

Tomorrow morning I head straight into the Lion's Den.

That's right, I'm appearing on The Laura Ingraham Show.

"But wait a minute, Max," I can hear you saying. "Uh... huh?"

I know it's a little odd. What, exactly, do schlubs have to do with blonde right wing radio show hosts?

Good question!

I pitched the idea of appearing on the show this way: Last year, Kay Hymowitz, a writer for City Journal (and who, as it turns out, is the mother of Danny and Nora Hymowitz, who I went to St. Ann's and Hebrew school with!) wrote an article about "child men" and how irresponsible and bad for society they were. Being that "child men" is kin to the schlub (and she mentions Seth Rogen by name) I thought it might make a funny exchange. I will be squaring off against Kay. (Although I hear that Kay has moderated her position.)

Tune in and root for the schlubs!

PS - If you have any ideas of things I should say in defense of schlubs, email