Sunday, August 3, 2008

Please shut up. Please.

I've generally avoided talking politics on this blog (mostly because I'd like liberal and conservative alike to buy FSTS) but I have to get this off my chest:

Joe Lieberman might be the biggest douche bag on the planet.

And my hatred is partially born out of the fact that (for a few years, anyway) I defended Lieberman from attacks by my fellow lefties. I thought that there was a lot of piling on. But I think Lieberman's intentions on Iraq were more noble than the administration's. And I don't discount Lieberman's youth when he marched for civil rights -- which required real physical courage in the 1960s. (For an excellent discussion of the courage required, pick up Rick Perlstein's great new book, Nixonland.)

But, I have to say, he's really been disgracing himself in his advocacy for John McCain.

If he had simply endorsed McCain it would have been an act of stunning disloyalty to the party. But I get that McCain and Lieberman are friends, so I could have understood this. (E.M. Forster once said that if he had to betray his friend of his country, he hoped he would have the guts to betray his country.)

It's the fact that he's made himself into an attack dog against Obama that is unconscionable.

I didn't watch his appearance on Meet the Press this morning but I read the transcript. When Lieberman says that Obama is a "good young man" I thought he was being enormously condescending. Barack Obama is a man in his late-forties. A father. A husband. A senator. The author of two best selling books. He's older than JFK was when he was shot. Lieberman talks about him like he's a precocious college student.

And as for the substance of Lieberman's critique -- that he's unready -- I don't know, Joe. He's demonstrated throughout the campaign intelligence and grit. You weren't savvy enough to win the Democratic primaries. He was. And he was up against the Clintons.

Do yourself a favor. Please shut up.