Monday, September 15, 2008

Freaks and Greeks

Last week I had lunch at Michael Psilakis and Donatella Arpaia's Greek venture, Anthos.

I give is a very solid two stars. (It would have gotten three if not for two things -- which I'll detail in a minute.)

The three-course lunch special (which, for some reason, I do not see on Anthos' web site) is a really excellent deal at $28. I had the sheep milk ricotta gnocchi to start, which was perfectly decent. My dining companion had the seafood sausages which were made out of swordfish -- which I had never tasted before -- and which were really outstanding. (If not for the color, I probably could not tell the difference between the seafood sausage and pork sausage.)

My main course was the striped bass, which was perfectly cooked and incredibly tasty.

All in all, a wonderful meal... except for two demerits.

Demerit #1: As I was finishing my meal I saw a very, very small hair on my plate. It could have been mine. (Although it didn't look like it.) And I didn't say anything. But it is not the sort of thing you should ever see in a fine restaurant.

This was certainly the graver of the two things. However, it happens. I don't hold it against them too much, but it should be noted.

Demerit #2: Dessert wasn't anything great. A piece of yellow cake with some blueberry. Feh.