Friday, December 5, 2008

Ya think?

"There was something in us -- although I don't like to admit it -- something of the overearnest, you know?"

-- Bonnie Klein, mother of Naomi Klein in Larissa MacFarquah's profile in this week's New Yorker.

Yes, we know.

Nevertheless, an interesting article. MacFarquah compares her to the 2008 manifestation of Howard Zinn or Noam Chomsky (two people I, for one, would rather not be compared to). But Klein doesn't come off sounding like too much of a nut here.

But, before falling for Klein, I would recommend a more sober look. Specifically, Jonathan Chait's review of The Shock Doctrine which appeared in the New Republic over the summer.

Full Disclosure: I cannot honestly defend or denounce Miss Klein; The Shock Doctrine is sitting in my house, waiting for a read, but I have not gotten to it yet.