Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Phatty crab

If you have the potential for gout, you should probably stay away from the Upper West Side's new outpost for Fatty Crab.

I, for one, got scared the moment I stepped through the door, and a server swooped by with a platter of duck that he put down in front of me at the bar. (This was for FC's opening party, so the booze and the food was free flowing.)

Fair warning having been given, let me also say this: The place is awesome.

The idea behind FC is Malaysian street food. So there is very little in this restaurant that is fussy or overdone. Instead, you get a tremendous platter of "fatty duck" that's sweet and spicy and absolutely outrageous. (Indeed, it lives up to the "fatty" part of its name, but it's not so fatty that you don't get plenty of chunks of real duck meat -- which was perfectly tender and tasty.)

"Do you have something I could eat this with?" I asked the waiter.

"Your hands," he replied.

Indeed, best not to wear anything too fancy at FC.

My messiest dish of the night were the Jalan Alor chicken wings -- similarly sweet, but very sticky. (I don't say that as a knock on it.)

Also worthy of note: deep fried pork and shrimp wontons; skate fish sliders (although there was something like tartar sauce on the bun that was, I thought, a little too much); skewers of scallops with a kind of peanut sauce and chicken claypot. (The one dish on the menu that won't kill you instantly.)

If you're on the UWS, check it out.