Thursday, June 11, 2009

Fathers and Sons... and the Upper East Side

Your humble schlub has two articles out today.

The first is for his former employer, The Forward. In honor of Father's Day, I wrote up a story about one of my father's confrontations with a random stranger (while defending me).

My father didn't seem to like it much. (Hey, no one ever really likes what's written about them.) But he made the criticism that my mother isn't really a balabuste -- which is more of a housewife. This is true, I suppose. However, I would also argue that a balabuste is a tough mother, who keeps the family going and has great valor and spirit. (Which my mother certainly has!)

So I'm sticking with this characterization, for the time being.

My other article today is about how rents are falling on the Upper East Side. To think, my (nice) one-bedroom in Jackson Heights is cheaper than some of the studios that are now on the market in the far East! (The cheap stuff is really, really far east.)

So if you're looking for an apartment, or something to send your father on Father's Day, check 'em out.