Thursday, June 25, 2009

Off the wagon!

It's tough for a leopard to change its spots...

According to my friends at Page Six, our old pal, Seth Rogen, is back to indulging in his old high caloric ways.

(Well, that's slightly extreme... he had a big pasta dinner at a Hollywood restaurant. Everyone's entitled to such an indulgence once in a while. Doesn't mean he's off the wagon.)

But I do have to admit: I'm slightly delighted to hear this.

Not that I don't wish Rogen well, but the fact that he was always a little overweight was one of his more endearing qualities. He was a stick in the eye of the standard male movie star. It was yet another reason to like him.

But I have a personal steak (uh, stake) in this: During the Knocked Up years most of my friends told me I looked like Seth Rogen -- but better. And by that, I assumed they meant thinner. When I saw how much weight he had lost for the green hornet, I was, well, slightly worried.

Please get fat again, Seth. You can do it! Please... Please?