Thursday, July 9, 2009

I've got my money on Obama

It looks like President Obama's plan to make Bibi Netanyahu self-destruct is proceeding along nicely.

Haaretz is reporting that Bibi is quickly coming unglued -- over really ridiculous, stupid shit.

1) Kadima, the centrist opposition party, was passing out anti-Bibi stickers in the Knesset cafeteria -- and Bibi was so angered that he called a press conference!


2) Nobody in his cabinet takes him seriously. Ehud Olmert was called in for a meeting with the prime minister and spent the whole meeting talking about Bibi's negative media coverage.

("Is this what he called me in for?" Olmert reportedy asked an aide.)

3) He's upset that his speech at Bar Illan University calling for a two-state solution didn't become (get this) "mandatory reading at schools in the United States"...

(Uh.... huh?)

4) He privately thinks David Axlerod and Rahm Emanuel are self-hating Jews.

This is getting so good.

One of Obama's real strengths is his patience. He generally knows that given a certain amount of time, a bad politician will self-destruct. He did it with Hillary Clinton. He did it with John McCain. He's currently playing the same strategy with what seems like the entire G.O.P. (It seems like a really, really winning strategy.)

Looks like Bibi got the treatment, too.

Although it really isn't any surprise. This seems like an almost play-by-play retelling of Bibi's last stint as Prime Minister. Back then, he was again acting incredibly rashly, throwing tantrums, and feuding with an American President.

Let's not forget that Bibi once -- rashly, in a fit of pique -- tried to assissinate terrorists in Jordan, one of only two Arab countries with a freaking peace treaty with Israel. (A treaty that was more than 40 years in the making.)

And all this happening just 100 days into his new government?

I give Bibi less than a year.