Saturday, February 20, 2010

A word from the sickbed...

Your humble schlub is home suffering (er, recovering) from periodontal surgery this morning...

All he can do is read the internets.

So he has a recommendation:

Read Peter Beinart's cover story in Time magazine about the unprecedented use of the filibuster by Republicans. It'll give all you good democrats out there plenty of ammo in your fights with Republicans.

If you don't know Beinart, he was the editor of the New Republic for many years -- and he was that sort of mainstream progressive liberal that a guy like me really sympathized with.

I got a big laugh around the Post when I once said (stealing the line from a friend of mine): "I take my political marching orders from Peter Beinart."

Unfortunately, Beinart (like me) was wrong about the Iraq War (he was for it) and wrong about the surge (he was against it) -- so, yes, his stock has diminished somewhat. But I admire the fact that he can admit when he thinks he's wrong. So schlubby.


BTW: This bloggingheads video with Jonah Goldberg is worth watching.