Friday, May 21, 2010

Becoming a landlord, the Hamptons, burgers, etc.

Hey schlubfans --

I've been a poor blogger the last two weeks -- my apologies for that.

I have three excuses (two of them are even good) but I'm not going to bore you with them. (One of them is that I have strep throat -- but I think that's my least good excuse: Sitting around my apartment all day watching As Good As It Gets could have probably been better spent blogging. At least once or twice.)

In any event, last week your humble schlub had a story on where to get a last minute Hamptons rental (so you schlubs with money: I expect you to be taking notes!)

This week I had a story about the steps you need to take to buy a rental building. (I confess: A lot of these buildings are much cheaper than I expected them to be... but on the other hand -- and this was not something I could get into in great detail for space reasons -- it's a lot more difficult to secure a loan on these kinds of buildings. You pretty much need to have a tremendous amount of liquidity. And being a landlord is, well, hard.)

Also, in my South Williamsburg video a couple of weeks ago, I sort of wish I had stopped by DuMont Burger. If you've never been, it's worth a trip. (The prices are a pretty hefty $12.50 per burger, but I think they're worth it.) This is an outpost of Williamsburg's famed DuMont which is a fabulous restaurant (and actually a really great date place, guys). DuMont had a burger on the menu which was so popular that they spun off into DuMont Burger. It does not disappoint. Very well seasoned burger and excellent fries. Moreover, they have their signature "boozy shakes" -- which is basically a milkshake loaded up with kahlua and vodka. And now that we're heading into summer, they have chairs and tables out front.

Kinda awesome.

Keep on schlubbin.