Thursday, May 6, 2010

Max Gross stuffs his face... AGAIN

My new video on the South Williamsburg food scene is up on the Post's web site. (It's attached to my friend and colleague Adam Bonislawski's story.)

I've already written a little about Fatty 'Cue, so I won't say too much more about it. (Except that I tried three things that I hadn't before, all of which were uniformly excellent: The whole pig (8); the clams (8); and the curry duck (10!). Seriously: That place is awesome.)

While the people who ran Pies 'N Thighs were slightly less friendly than the rest of those I interviewed, I have to concede: I had one of the best pieces of fried chicken I've ever tasted. Not too greasy, and well salted. For $5 you can get the chicken and a biscuit with a dollop of honey butter. (Sooooooo good.)

I was slightly less impressed with the dessert that I picked than I let on in the video. (I've tried some of their others -- the desserts are great.) The peanut butter pie that I tasted was only so-so. Stick with the cookies or one of the fruit pies.

And Traif is great. I was already pretty full by the time I stopped there so I chose scallops instead of something heavy and porky. They were really delicious. They come on a bed of green snap pea risotto. Rich and delicious. (I know why: Having watched the chef, Jason Marcus, making them for me he used a tremendous amount of butter.)

I didn't actually eat anything at Dressler this time, but having eaten there in the past I can attest the place is worth a splurge. And I'm not even mentioning Dumont burger (so good). But in any event, for my foodies out there: South Williamsburg is worth a trip!