Wednesday, June 2, 2010

NY mag to Gross: Drop dead!

In yet another blatanat attempt to get Max Gross to violate the terms of his diet, New York Magazine has a list of the 51 best sandwiches in the city.

The list has its share of problems.

It's clearly heavy on celebrity chefs. (I mean, Le Bernadin's salmon and caviar croquer monsieur? Come on people.) And I was a little stunned not to find a single BBQ sandwich on the list. (I guess Fatty Cue counts... but not really.)

Moreover, Katz's pastrami makes the list, but 2nd Avenue Deli doesn't? And what about Carnegie Deli? Yes, both of those places have gone somewhat down hill, but to have a list of NYC sandwiches and not have a corned beef on rye? Something feels tragically missing. (I guess they tried to make up for the absence of deli sandwiches by giving the new Canadian smoked meats deli in Brooklyn, Mile End, two spots in the top 11.)

And I thought there was an over abundance of Vietnamese and Cuban sandwiches on the list. (I guess you have to thank Baoguette's Michael Bao for that.)

And having tasted a few of these places (although not more than 10 of them) I will also say I question the list's order.

The churasco sandwich at Island Burger, for example, which landed as number 15 on the list is pretty mediocre, in my view. Where as, the chicken shwarma at Karam in Bay Ridge (# 28) is one of the tastiest things known to man. How is it possible that Andrew Carmellini's lamb sliders are 45th on the list?! (They should be much higher.) Where are David Chang's pork buns?

That said, this list made me very, very hungry. Sandwiches for dinner.