Thursday, June 24, 2010

That nutty, nutty New York real estate market

Your resident schlub has been bad. Very, very bad. He has not posted an item in more than a week. Sorry about that.

I'm sure you would have loved to hear him weigh in on the Stanley McChrystal scandal. (President Obama had no choice but to fire him.)

Or the President's big BP Oil speech. (It wasn't that bad.)

And the food blogosphere is atwitter with the Josh Ozersky scandal at Time magazine. (Which, if you haven't heard about, you should read about here and here. I probably should put in my two cents on this one, but I don't want to kick a guy when he's down.)

There were a couple of other movies that I saw that I liked (I plan on writing something about Toy Story 3 tomorrow or this weekend) and did not like (Killers was far too boring for me to summon up the will to write about it). A couple of restaurants that I visited -- one that I even feel is worth posting about in the next few days...

But your schlub has been too busy reporting the world of real estate to just sit around blogging!

First off, it appears that a lot of the duds of the real estate world that everybody wrote off are back in business and selling again. (Mostly at reduced prices, but still.)

Second, the big colossus of the Financial District, 88 Greenwich, is 90 percent sold -- something that a lot of jaded reporters like myself thought would never happen. (Curbed was nice enough to link to both items -- and to mention me by name! The Real Deal linked to the 88 Greenwich item.)

Third, you can get a new, luxury condo for less than $200,000! Granted, it's in Bed-Stuy. But if 315 Gates Ave. gets FHA approval, you could possibly get this for 3.5 percent down -- which would translate to a downpayment of less than $7,000. Pretty amazing in this city. (Curbed linked.)