Thursday, August 19, 2010

M. Wells tolls for thee...

About a week ago I had what I thought might have been the best breakfast of my life at M. Wells, the new Canadian diner in Long Island City.

No joke.

I mean, yes, I will concede that I've had a few breakfasts that are as good or better. (For the record: Balthazar has an English breakfast better than any I consumed during the 7 months I lived in the UK during college... but it's slightly pricey.) But M. Wells was a serious surprise for three big reasons.

For one thing, it's located on an extremely deserted (read: sketchy) block, right near the Hunters Point subway.

Two: The prices are reasonable. (My breakfast was $7 -- and well worth it.)

Three: It's really just a diner. How many diners knock your socks off?

But M. Wells did just that. I had the bacon, egg and potato hash which was awash in snapped peas and had a wave of hot sauce along the edges. It was the most outrageous thing I've eaten in ages! I wrote a little sidebar about the experience here to a longer story in today's Post about how Long Island City has gone baby bonkers.