Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Why I question the NY Times' news sense...

This is incredible:

The Times has a story on page A6 today about a Kazakh filmmaker who's making a "revenge" movie -- a rejoinder to Borat -- as an attempt to salvage Kazakhstan's wounded pride and reputation.

"I want to show modern Kazakhstan as it is in reality," the director Erkin Rakishev tells the Times' Clifford Levy.

So what does this movie consist of?

The movie consists of a horny donkey which has sex with Borat's brother -- who then gets pregnant. There are naked men running through the streets and fights between grandmothers and rabid dogs.

There is much, much more...

It is quite possibly the funniest article that the Times has run in ages.

So my outraged question is (pardon the language):

How the fuck was this not a front page item?

I guess we should just be glad that they got it in at all. (Having spent my adult life working at newspapers, I know how humorless editors can be.) But, seriously, no sense of humor... none!