Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Celebrity Republicans

BuzzFeed has a list of 40 celebrity Republicans...

Most of them were the ones you'd expect.

I mean, who didn't know that Sly Stallone and Jon Voight vote Republican?

However, there were a few surprises.

James Earl Jones is a Republican? For real? As is LL Cool J? And Sarah Michelle Geller?

The only name that sort of broke my heart was Adam Sandler. I already sort of knew he was one. He's included a number of ridicuously suck-upy bits about Rudy Giuliani in his movies. (Giuliani had a cameo in the otherwise fine Anger Management.) And I seem to remember him saying some kind things about George W. Bush.

But Sandler can't break my heart over his political leanings...

Cary Grant already beat him to it when he addressed the Republican National Convention in 1976. (Not that Grant was some kind of nut -- he defended his friend Charlie Chaplin from the charges that he was a Communist and condemned McCarthyism. And according to wikipedia he made the immanently sensible statement that movie actors should avoid discussing politics.)

Of course, if this list were talking celebrities from the beginning of Hollywood, it sorely lacking. Not only is Grant absent, but so is Jimmy Stewart and (runner up for my favorite celebrity Republican) John Wayne.

Nevertheless, it was deeply satisfying for a Democrat like me to see who clocked in at number 40:

Mel Gibson.