Sunday, December 26, 2010

All my favorite crazy people...

In today's edition of "All My Meshuggena Friends" I'd like to put in a plug for my pal, Karol Markowicz of Alarming News.

Karol -- a poker buddy, and fellow landsman -- was pretty great on the Brian Lehrer show last week. And this lefto schlub has to give her some props... Although I disagree with Karol on 98 percent of everything she says, she holds her own pretty well against Clinton administration aides like Jami Floyd.

And I'll even go Karol one better: When says, for example, that she opposes the DREAM Act because plenty of immigrants go through the proper channels, come here legally, etc. she makes a fair point. And, yes, I agree the DADT vote wasn't a brave one -- or, if it was, it shouldn't have been. (But of course this doesn't stop the Republicans from voting against this stuff from being dead wrong! And the mandate is unconstitutional? Oh please, Karol! Call me when you've repealed medicare, then we'll talk.)

Take a listen.