Thursday, March 24, 2011

Green day

'Morning, schlubfans.

Today, your humble correspondent has two features in the New York Post.

First up, I did a piece about Jesse and Amanda Glickenhaus, two people living at the Visionaire (an eco-friendly, LEED certified building in Battery Park City) who decided to up their game by designing the apartment all green. From the lights, to the picture frames, to bleach needed to clean up their dog's mess. (Yes, their mutt, Molly, puked while I was there.)

And I have to give props to the Visionaire: I'm highly allergic to dogs and cats (which is actually a fairly big problem -- my lady has a cat) and despite the fact that Molly was shedding, I didn't sneeze once for the more than two hours I was there.

I credit the Visionaire's double-filtered air for that. (So, if you're reading this honey, if you'd like to spend upwards of $3 million on an apartment, we can keep Baron.)

Second up, I have an article about a couple of guys who are using used shipping containers to make houses... in the Hamptons!