Sunday, July 10, 2011

On the townhouse

For architecture, NYC history and Louis CK geeks, check out my article on the history of the New York City townhouse -- as well as a slideshow of five different townhouses. (The one in Park Slope actually looks like a real bargain.)

I never quite understood why the filthy rich opt for glass condos over those Federalist and Anglo Italiante houses. (I suppose if I was one of those "masters of the universe" I might consider a Candela building or the Dakota ... but even then, I think I'd prefer a Greenwich Village townhouse.)

They're the city's most beautiful architectural marvels.

Moreover, in doing the research for this article, I got a chance to speak to Charles Lockwood, author of the classic Bricks and Brownstone and Columbia's Andrew Dolkart. (Any time I get a chance to speak to someone with serious scholarly training, the nerd in me starts kvelling.)