Thursday, September 15, 2011

A last word about Rick Perry & the death penalty

Not to belabor the point, but along with the great New Yorker story about how Rick Perry sent an innocent man (Cameron Todd Willingham) to his death, there was another one that I feel is worth bringing up:

The case of Anthony Graves.

Graves, who had been on death row since the early 1990s was recently freed after the obvious flaws in his case came to light. (One should definitely read Texas Monthly's Herculean account of the case.)

Of course, Governor Perry has taken almost all the wrong lessons from this horrific miscarriage of justice.

Perry proudly points to Graves as an example of the system working.

There are almost no words to counter this. But if you read the original article about how nearly every cog in this machine failed (and how it was close to two decades after he was first thrown in jail that his case was thrown out) it was a stunning thing to say. But it certainly speak to Perry's fitness to executive office.