Sunday, November 6, 2011

Thonx for coming!

Last week, in honor of Bronx Restaurant Week (happening right now! Check it out here) Baron Ambrosia led me to several of his favorite spots in the borough.

If you don't know the great Baron Ambrosia, he is the Odysseus of the Bronx food scene. He wanders the borough, samples its wares, and films it all for his show Bronx Flavor.

He's also an extremely sweet and hilarious guy.

I wrote up his picks for Restaurant Week here.

My favorite was Coconut Palm. If you've never had chicken gizzards, this is your chance to try them. (Chewy, but not in a bad way. And in this delicious curry sauce. It really smacked one out of the park.) Also on the menu: black pudding (which is made in-house), duck fried rice (perhaps the best fried rice I've ever tasted) and fried shark. (That was the only thing that was slightly disappointing. But not bad, by any means.)

But, in any event, this week is a great excuse to visit some Bronx restaurants -- go out there and try 'em!