Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Fry and see

In their continued efforts to kill me, The New York Post sent me to report on the third annual Latke Festival at BAM on Monday night.

It was delicious. (If extremely fattening. And I'm not sure if I ever want to eat another latke again.)

One can read my brief account of it here, along with the winning recipe and a really nice photo gallery of some of the prettier looking latkes.

Of course, I was not the only reporter there. The Forward was there, as was the Wall Street Journal. (And I'm sure a few other places I missed.)

I thought the judges picked well for the winner -- Jason Weiner's (of the restaurant Almond) bluefish, goat yogurt and dill latke. Weiner did an excellent job. I'm only a little disappointed I didn't have the space to talk about a few others that I really liked.

My three other favorites (aside from Jason's) was Mae Mae Cafe's latke, which was made like a Reuben sandwich on a "rye" latke. (The chef told me it was her first time making a latke -- but she did an excellent job.)

I also liked the duck confit latke (pictured), and The Plaza's foie gras latke.

Happy Hanukkah!