Tuesday, June 17, 2008

You know you're having a bad day when...

You know you're having a bad day when you step in dog shit on your way to work.

This hasn't happened to me in years. But it happened to me yesterday.

Oh yeah: And this was the day of my first interview about FSTS.

I limped over to the nearest Starbucks, put my sneaker under the faucet and kept it there until I was satisfied that all evidence was gone. But it didn't exactly do wonders for my confidence.

I wondered whether I should tell my interviewer that this happened. (I even thought of amending it a little and saying I "stepped in gum.") But I figured that she wouldn't go near me for the entire interview... or she'd think that I was lying. "Yeah, right," she'd say. "On his way to an interview about being a schlub the guy steps in dog shit. No one is that much of a schlub."

Actually, I don't think my interviewer would have cared that much. No one told me this, but the interview was not about FSTS -- it was about Seth Rogen. Apparently, I am now an expert. I was a little taken off guard and I'm sure that I babbled a little. (Hey -- it was my first.) But look for it in the next issue of Jewish Living magazine....

We'll see just how bad a day I had.