Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Book him, boys!

A guy in Colorado gets 10 years in prison for borrowing (and selling) books!

Any chance whatsoever that this guy isn't a mega schlub?

Quite honestly, I had no idea the library system had that kind of power... Granted, selling government property is never a smart idea. And it's not like he was hording books that he loved that he couldn't bear to part with (which I could sort of understand). No, he was trying to make a buck. So, sure, the guy deserves to be punished. But 10 years? (And a $53,000 fine!) You could run someone over in a car and not get 10 years! (And when his fellow inmates find out what he did to get there, is there any way he's not going to be passed around the cell block as if he were Paris Hilton?)

I prefer the idea floated in the Times last year: Give him a really bad credit score!