Tuesday, July 15, 2008

The endearing perversity of the French...

Notice anything weird about this picture?

It comes from Jane Sigal's pretty darn great article in the Times about how the French have finally embraced the hamburger. (It's one of those articles a journalist reads and says, "I wish I had thought of that...")

But my question is: What happened to the French fries?

So let me get this straight: After years of ridiculing our hamburgers as low and unworthy and symptomatic of something unforgivably gauche about America, the French have finally gotten on the bandwagon... and they forgot the French fries?! Their one contribution to the All-American meal that the most patriotic red-blooded American attributes to those cheese eating surrender monkeys by name? (During the height of Francophobia not a single Republican in Congress suggested that we could do without French fries all together... just that we should change the name. I would argue, therefore, that their contribution to the great American meal is pretty indispensable.)

You gotta love those wacky French...