Monday, July 21, 2008

Seriously -- what do they pay this guy for?

You sometimes have to wonder why Bill Kristol would even take a column at the New York Times if he's just going to phone it in every week.

This week's isn't even a bad column -- by Kristol standards. This is just boilerplate bad. (Last week's paean to Tony Snow was far more painful to read.) In fact, this might be deemed a case of "Bill Kristol being generous" -- in that it's one of the few columns that doesn't take as its premise that Obama is acting out of purely venal motives.

The thing that gets me is just how boring Kristol's columns are. (Was he really this boring at Time? I don't remember that being the case. But I never read him all that closely.) I never thought that David Brooks would look like such a good writer in comparison...