Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Biden for VP!

And the schlub endorsement for VP goes to...

Joe Biden.

Frankly, I really don't care who gets the VP slot. I want whomever will most help Obama get to the White House. (In that sense, my other instinct would be to root for Tim Kaine of Virginia, a state which I think will really be in play this year.)

But Jonathan Cohn's post in The New Republic seals the deal for me -- if only for the first youtube clip when Biden is asked about Giuliani (and this isn't a clip I had seen before). The expression on Biden's face is absolutely brilliant -- that of a man with a sense of humor, but one who will not suffer fools lightly.

Plus, two other things:

I think that as we get closer to the election, there will be more hay made over racial politics and "playing the race card." The fact that Biden's campaign stumbled so badly out of the gate when he called Obama "clean" and "articulate" will make a lot of working class whites feel that Obama isn't a vindictive person in that he picked Biden. That he clearly sees a harmless gaffe for what it is, and isn't interested in playing racial politics. (And that he wants, instead, the best man for the job.)

Second, having watched Biden for many years, I have to say, he's... well, a bit of a schlub. Perfect for a vice president. I'm convinced.