Friday, August 22, 2008

Mirror, mirror on the wall...

Is he the schlubbiest of them all?


Obviously, readers of this blog know that I've been pulling for Obama to select Joe Biden for veep, in part because I think he's the schlubbiest man for the job. But Tim Kaine gets off a crack in this CNN piece that I have to respect (at least schlub-wise): "My mom in Kansas City loves it when someone will talk about me as VP."

Wowzers. I sense a real kindred spirit.

Plus, I have to admit, the fact that David Brooks is pulling for Biden makes him a slightly less attractive candidate in my eyes. I know that that's not fair to Joe. And, truthfully, despite Kaine's latest pronouncement of maternal devotion, I still think Joe probably trumps him on most schlub issues.

But let's just say this schlub wouldn't be at all unhappy if it's Tim Kaine tomorrow.