Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Alaskans for FSTS!

My friend Robert George says this of Sarah Palin's new son-in-law:

"Levi Johnston is now -- next to Seth Rogen -- the most famous guy to knock up a chick."

I never realized that... but it's true!

Does this mean a new market for From Schlub to Stud...? The backwoods Alaskan rednecks? (For the record, Levi Johnston is not a schlub... but I'm sort of curious as to how Johnston would view his schlubby Jewish counterpart, Rogen.)

Robert's post is worth reading in full. I wasn't quite so disgusted by seeing Mr. Johnston on the stage with the GOPers. I was more revolted by the way the Palin's Down syndrome child was passed from family member to family member in front of the cable news cameras. (One friend described it like "passing a bong around.")

Even in my Gross insensitivity, I couldn't quite believe that they would use a severely disabled infant as a political prop. But, then, I don't know why I continue to be surprised by Republican antics.