Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Hotness, heatness

I went to see Woody Allen's new picture, Vicky Cristina Barcelona, last week. It was OK. (Better than most recent Woody pictures. The only one that he's directed since 2000 that was as good was Match Point. It seems like a change of scenery really does the Woodman a world of good.)

But it did have one really startling revelation for me.

If you had asked me before watching this movie who the hottest woman on the planet was, I think I would have said without hesitation: "Scarlett Johansson."

But in Vicky Cristina, I am sort of tempted to take away Scarlett's title and give it to Penelope Cruz.

I knew Cruz was gorgeous -- but I hadn't quite realized how gorgeous. And sexy beyond words. If nothing else, Vicky Cristina Barcelona should be seen in the same way that people saw Belle de Jour -- not necessarily to watch a great movie, but merely to drink in a woman's great, unqualified beauty. (In the case of Belle de Jour, Catherine Deneuve's.)

Plus, I hadn't realized quite how good an actress Cruz is.

She plays a Woody Allen type -- the brainy nutcase -- but she plays it better than anyone has since Judy Davis cursed out Sydney Pollack in the middle of a date with another guy in Husbands and Wives.

I hope Scarlett will forgive me!