Wednesday, September 17, 2008

"Apologizing is a great way to get laid."

Check out this bloggingheads between Will Wilkinson (never heard of him) and Matt Welch (never heard of him) which I found by way of Andrew Sullivan.

They are talking about John McCain's disarming frankness about his own flaws and Welch has a line which I was sort of taken aback by: "Apologizing is a great way to get laid."

It's sort of true.

And this conversation made me slightly (ever so slightly) sympathetic to the John McCain I once upon a time liked; the guy who had somewhat schlubby flaws. And (in true Schlub-to-Stud manner) who also owned his flaws.

Unfortunately, the schlub in John McCain has been replaced by someone else. A less self-effacing, more arrogant (and Bush-like) creature.

John McCain will have to do a lot more apologizing to get back his schlub status...