Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The cruelest blow -- or the moment to shine?

The dow fell 449 points today, but the one thing that will really hurt in this time of economic uncertainty:

The High End Girlfriend Index.

For schlubs who made good, this will be the last thing to go -- but go it will. At least according to the Daily News' Michael Daly who explains: "The schlub finds himself with a fabulous girlfriend such as used to brush past him as if he were a wall. He will do almost anything to keep her if his magic millions suddenly evaporate, even selling his watch and cuff links."

I was initially going to say, "Amen, brother."

And I think that a schlub like me would immediately start visiting pawn brokers at first blush... However, I was talking this over with my editor who said: "I would have written the opposite column... do you know how easy it's going to be to bag a model if all these guys go under?"

Schlubs take note: This might be your moment to shine.