Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Just how fast can you get a heartattack?

I think the New York Times Dining section is trying to kill me.

At least that was the impression I got from Damon Darlin's article today about the unhealthiest sounding dish I've ever heard of, the Bacon Explosion.

The Bacon Explosion is the child of two BBQ nuts, Jason Day and Aaron Chronister, who have their BBQ blog,, where they posted the step-by-step. It is essentially layers of bacon cooked on layers of sausage, dipped in BBQ sauce.

There are hilarious little details in this article -- like the guy whose friends made it for him just before he was about to head off to Israel -- but the real jaw dropper is just how caloric this little number is: 5,000 calories. Five hundred grams of fat.

And if that wasn't enough, Alex Witchel has a piece about how Eli Zabar (of the Zabar's family -- but the breakoff faction, that did E.A.T. and the Vinegar Factory) is taking his old doughnuts and turning them into doughnut pudding! (It actually sounded very good.)

I'm thinking of salad. I'm thinking of salad. I'm thinking of salad. I'm thinking of salad...