Friday, February 27, 2009

Blow by blow

Yours truly had no fewer than four articles in the Post over the past two weeks.

First, I wrote about the unfortunates at 225 Rector Place, a condo which is being foreclosed on by their lender. I actually think my original lede was better. ("Just because you spend $1 million on a condo, doesn't entitle you to little things like heat and hot water," was my original. "Residents at 225 Rector are finding that out the hard way.")

Next, I wrote two pieces about the Hamptons. One about the rental market (landlords are pretty much fucked) and another about the sales market (sellers are also fucked).

This week, I wrote another piece about how buyers in new construction are getting together and collectively bargaining with developers.

I doubt that any of these articles will give anyone any confidence in N.Y.C.'s real estate recovery. But, hey, the truth's the truth.