Friday, February 27, 2009

My reputation precedes me

One of my favorite conservatives (and poker players), Karol Shenin, gives From Schlub to Stud an extremely generous shout out on her blog, Alarming News.

To all of Karol's right wing readers: Welcome!

It's true, I'm probably a little bit more liberal than you. And if you become a regular reader of this site, my complete adoration of Barack Obama will no doubt grate on your nerves. But this blog considers itself open minded.

Schlubs are, by and large, extremely tolerant people. Even though one of my friends recently called me one of the "most left wing people I know", I would say that that that's only half true. I would invite you to consider the following two facts about me:

1) I work at the New York Post. (Yes, that New York Post.)

2) I went to Dartmouth College.

Obviously, I am a man who gets along with people of your ideological nutty ilk. I welcome your comments and insults.