Monday, April 13, 2009

Another one bites the dust

It is my sad duty to relate to my fresser friends that Eater is reporting that the legitimately great restaurant, Town, has officially been put out of business.

I'm not 100 percent surprised. Eater had been reporting for a week or two now that all was not well (they hadn't been paying their bills, or something.) And, in all honesty, Town was really overpriced for what it was. But back in the freewheeling days before the blow up of the economy, your schlubby correspondent lunched there with sources from time to time.

And one thing Town did exceptionally well was my personal favorite dish: Duck L'Orange.

A real pity.

I'm sure that Town's chef, Geoffrey Zakarian will do fine. He has his even more insanely priced restaurant called Country (get it? Town & Country?) right near Madison Square Park, but it's always a shame to hear of a really good place going out of business.