Monday, April 13, 2009

The present insanity plugs nicely along....

I probably don't have to link to this, because it's already the most popular emailed article on the Times' web site right now, but, my god!

According to the Times, our good friends at Skadden, Arps (one of the chichi New York law firms, where several of this schlub's college pals currently work) are offering associates a third of their salary to take the year off. This translates to $80,000 in at least one case.

Apparently, they don't want to fire them. And they don't want to put the on at full salary. So it sort of makes sense -- in a completely insane way. (Sort of the way paying tax-dollars in multimillion dollar bonuses makes a kind of twisted sense.)

The funniest thing of all in this article is the fact that the partners were surprised when a lot of the associates thought this was a great deal and volunteered for it.