Saturday, February 13, 2010

Mistaken jewbilation

Like many Jews I have a habit of counting up Jewish celebs.

When a celebrity comes along who has a Jewish sounding name, or a face that could only come from shtetl Poland, I'm the first to go to wikipedia and check them out. (We have a weird need to make sure our brand is still good. Don't ask why, we just do.)

Last night I thought I had a doozy: Austalian snowboarder, Torah Bright.

Granted, she doesn't look Jewish. (In fact, she looks really not Jewish.) And snowboarding is just about the least Jewish sport known to man.

But with a name like "Torah"? I mean, the chances sound pretty good to me. And she's Australian, which has always had a pretty decent sized Jewish population. I was about to get very excited...

Turns out, Torah is a Mormon.

Oh, well...

(That being said, who the hell names their child "Torah"?)