Monday, August 23, 2010

Gee's whiz!

If you've never had bacon marmalade pizza before... Well, you don't know what you're missing! (In a good way.)

Or Lemoncello pizza, for that matter.

If this sounds like I'm touting a weird pizza parlor, I can assure you Paulie Gee's, the relatively new Greenpoint pizza place, is not weird. Rather, it's inspired!

I've seen Nutella pizza before, but never had I encountered Lemoncello pizza. It's a nicely charred disk of bread drenched in a thin, sweet, white Lemoncello and Anisette creme sauce. And it's about as good a dessert as one can expect in a pizza parlor.

But I'm getting ahead of myself. The desserts are excellent, of course, but the real goods are in the savory pizzas.

The bacon marmalade pizza is made without red sauce. Just cheese, red onions and little spurts, here and there, of black jam. In the jam are crunchy bits of bacon. And damned if it isn't delicious!

But, then, almost everything at Paulie Gee's is delicious.

The Parma D'Or is a pizza with a virtual forest of arugula and nice slices of prosciutto. Their "Rooftop Pie" is a great offering of kale and sausage. And rather than have a pepperoni pizza their "Delboy" is covered in sopressata. (One of their special Delboys had the faintest taste of honey on it, from one of the local beekeepers. It was my favorite thing they made.)

But the way the pizzas were served was fairly traditional Neapolitan-style. And by Neapolitan style, I don't mean the kind you get in Brooklyn -- I mean the kind you'd get in Naples. There is a large wood-burning oven in the back where the dough goes in and out, and is manned by hipsters. (At least that appeared to be the case the two times I've been there. But the eponymous Paulie, who walks around the dining room, and is as friendly an owner as I've ever met, is definitely not hipster.)

In short: Get thee to the G train. (Or the shuttle bus. The G wasn't running on Saturday.) And go out to Paulie Gee's!