Friday, August 27, 2010

Inside the nefarious Kochtopus

Jane Mayer does (as always) a yeoman's job reporting the Koch empire's deep and dark reach in this issue of the New Yorker.

This was made doubly imporant in that it served as a necessary counterweight to what was a pretty shameless puff piece in New York magazine last month. (I mean, I suppose the piece could have been worse... but I remember reading it and thinking, "What. The. Fuck?")

If you've never heard of the Koch family, they're among the most pernicious political actors on the right wing stage. (I first read about them in Thomas Frank's book, What's the Matter with Kansas?) They've done everything within their power to destroy environmental regulation, progressive taxation, a national health care system -- and any other vestige of the welfare state. And they have literally billions at their disposal to do so.

They should be hated and scorned. Praise be to Jane Mayer for some seriously excellent reporting.