Sunday, March 6, 2011


This Charlie Sheen impression is pretty uncanny...

I have to admit, I'm of two minds about the whole Charlie Sheen meltdown.

On the one hand, I find it sort of hypnotizing. (As someone at the Post said, "Charlie Sheen is our Egypt.") Celebrity meltdowns are rarely this entertaining. Lindsay Lohan, for example, is more painful to watch than entertaining.

The Mel Gibson meltdown was, at first, extremely fascinating. Only an utter fool could be surprised that in the privacy of his home, Gibson was a barbaric antisemite, racist and misogynist. The fact that every day, more and more pearls were uncovered was great. However, when I actually listened to the tapes of his phone calls -- the rage, the violence, the insanity -- I suddenly wasn't fascinated any more. I was simply disgusted.

At least Charlie Sheen seems to be enjoying this breakdown. At least he's going out with style. At least he's got a pair of porno actresses to keep him company in his Hollywood palaces.

On the other hand...

I would be enjoying this fully if I didn't believe that Sheen is, in fact, a violent man who abuses women. It's an impossible fact to overlook.