Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Cold case

My bete noir, Mandy Stadtmiller, and I do a point/counterpoint in today's New York Post.

Mandy takes the position that all those newfangled ice creams out there (bubble gum curry with black cherry) are just lovely.

I take the position that the classics are far better. (The real test: When you were a 7-year-old kid, is there any chance you would have picked that froufrou crap over a chocolate cone?)

Among my favorites:

Carvel. (Of course.)

Blue Marble. (Best butter pecan I've ever tasted -- and I'm not even that big a fan.)

Van Leeuween. (I've only been to their truck, but it's pretty good!)

Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory. (I went to this one for the first time when researching this story, and I have to say: The chocolate chip is uh-mazing!)

Ronnybrook Milk Bar.

Enjoy -- just don't OD. The hotness probably doesn't melt the calories fast enough.