Thursday, October 13, 2011

Back to the grinder

Hey schlubfans!

I know it's been a long time. They're keeping me busy at the old newspaper mill.

Like, for example, this big round-up I did of new (or newish, in some cases) sandwiches.

Almost all of these sandwiches are worth trying. Although some are certainly more worth trying than others.

If you had asked me yesterday which my favorite was, I would have said BaoHaus. BaoHaus, for those of you who follow my musings closely, is the domain of one Eddie Huang. (I wrote about this young man exactly a year ago. Go figure!)

But I should also add: I did check out the place this afternoon to see if they had gotten any traction from my article, and the wait was far, far nastier than anything I had experienced in the past. And the frenzy of people made the food suffer, slightly. (If I had to write the thing over I definitely would have adjusted the waiting time. Which was very good the first time I was in. But a good 15 minutes today.)

My runners up were City Sandwich and Num Pang.

But I definitely got a new lunchtime sandwich shop to replace Subway, and that's Potbelly.