Friday, January 13, 2012

Humm dinger!

Daniel Humm, the great chef at Eleven Madison Park, spoke to me about his favorite dining spots in New York -- you can read it here.

If you don't know Mr. Humm and his cooking, he's pretty hot right now. Adam Platt recently declared 11 Mad the best restaurant in the city. (Better than Per Se, better than Masa, better than Jean-Georges, better than Daniel... although, according to the Plattmeister not a 5 star restaurant. Huh?)

He also got his third Michelin star, and has the Eleven Madison Park cookbook out. (Which is a very gorgeous book -- even if the recipes are really a little too hard to try out at home. But that's the case with most celebrity chef cookbooks.)

I went to 11 Mad last year -- for my fiancee's birthday. It was pretty delish. (Not the single greatest meal I've ever had, but unquestionably excellent.) I have the feeling that he's entering the celeb chef realm -- so you might hear a lot more about him over the next couple of years.

And Humm's food picks around the city were good ones. Very little was haute or chichi -- a lot of them were hidden and secret. Enjoy!