Thursday, January 12, 2012

Do do that fondue that you do so well...

My little history of fondue and its recent revival can be read here.

I don't see the sidebar part online -- which is all about the etiquette of eating fondue -- but there are essentially four rules:

1) Don't double dip. (Who are you, George Costanza?)

2) Stir the pot.

The one criticism one of my experts made of the finished story was that I made it sound a little too easy... the truth is, that if you don't stir the pot when you dip, you'll create a giant cheese cinderblock at the bottom. Definite no-no.

3) One piece of bread at a time.

4) If you drop your bread in the pot you have to buy the next round of drinks. (Or, if you're female, you have to kiss the chef.)