Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Would you pay $19 for a grilled cheese sandwich?

This is the question I asked in last week's New York Post.

I was surprised at how many people said, "Hell yes!"

Indeed, Terrance Brennan of Artisanal makes a pretty good case for why the grilled cheese is underpriced:

Cheese is damned expensive!

Yes, gourmet cheese is a fortune. But I always felt that the glory of the grilled cheese is that a downscale version (i.e. the Kraft single) is perfectly delicious, and therefore, there's no need to blow big money on a chichi version. (One publicist sent an email to the Post saying that the restaurant she reps does NOT serve a grilled cheese. The relevant item was a croque monsier... What a crock!)

But, I must admit, a lot of these fancy grilled cheeses were delish.